Top 5 Haircare Launches of 2014

My Top 5 Haircare Product Launches of 2014

Top 5

Well here is the third and final offering in my series of favourite launches in the beauty industry for 2014. If you haven’t seen them already, don’t forget to go back and read my previous posts on the Top 5 Skincare Launches and Top 5 Makeup Launches from last year. I have cheated slightly with a few of my choices in this category, as it includes a few products that launched at the back end of 2013, but grew in recognition over 2014.

Looking through my choices, volume and damage-limitation seem to be the buzzwords that feature pretty heavily in my top 5! Having fuller-looking hair and keeping damage to a minimum are attributes that help to keep hair looking healthy, full of vitality and therefore youthful, I believe, so I hope there is something for everyone in this list!

So let’s get started…