Gucci Opulent Volume Mascara: First Look

First look

I must confess, I have rather been running amok with my spending on the new Gucci cosmetics line. Having been into their flagship store on London’s Sloane Street to view the range in person, the line has left quite an impression on me – and an even larger impression on my wallet! Not to mention the poor UPS driver, who has tirelessly been dropping parcels from Gucci Italy on an almost daily basis recently!

So where to start? Where to start indeed….

Gucci: The Haul Part I!!

Gucci: The Haul Part I!

SmallLipsThe product

I remember reading that, of the entire range, the Opulent Volume Mascara was a particular favourite of Frida Giannini’s. Signora Giannini, as you may know, is Gucci’s creative director and co-creator of the entire cosmetics line, along with legendary makeup artist, Pat McGrath. So, decision made: we’ll start here.

Pellevé Treatment: A First Look

First look

Our constant battle against ageing can be fought on many fronts: skincare regime, diet, avoiding the sun (and other enemies)… or by simply staying in soft lighting at all times!

There is of course also an entire industry devoted to both surgical and non-surgical anti-ageing procedures. On this particular battle front, the trend has certainly switched lately to a less invasive, more natural “you, but better” approach.

The many faces of the Botox Babe

Have we become too frozen in time with the likes of Botox?

I myself think this is a change for the good, and I most definitely have a preference for procedures that stimulate a physiological ‘boost’, such as increasing collagen production, as opposed to, say, Botox or fillers.

Although wrinkles and thinner, more fragile skin are an inevitable part of ageing, boosting collagen production helps to smooth and plump the skin, allowing for a more youthful appearance.

Whoever said that money can't buy happiness, simply didn't know where to go shopping - Bo Derek

The nameless grace…

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Suffering from choice overload?

Suffering from choice overload?

OK, first things first… I am not for one minute suggesting that money does, in itself, buy happiness!  However, I do believe that, as we are faced with more and more choices as consumers, and everyone is feeling the pinch (with the possible exception of Russian oligarchs), there is something to be said in knowing where to shop.  Or, more precisely, what to shop for… that is, which products and brands actually live up to their hype.

And therein lies my central reason for starting this website.