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Pellevé Review: The Treatment Procedure


Small LipsThe Treatment

Harley Street Skin Clinic

A few weeks ago, I popped along to see the folks at Harley Street Skin Clinic to have my first Pellevé treatment.

If you read my previous piece on Pellevé, you will know that it is a radio frequency collagen-boosting treatment that causes heat to build up deep within the skin. This has two effects:

(1) Expected immediate term results

During the treatment, the heat denatures collagen fibres already present in the skin, causing them to shrink and therefore immediately tighten the skin. This combined with a mild swelling in response to the heat means you can expect noticeably plumped, tighter, smoother skin with fewer wrinkles in the period immediately following the treatment. Don’t get too excited by this, though – it really is only a side-effect and a temporary one at that, unfortunately lasting only days.

(2) Expected long term results

In the weeks and months that follow, the ‘trauma’ caused by the heat during the treatment stimulates the skin to up its collagen production in order to repair the damage. This results in smoother, firmer, tighter skin over a period of a few months.

According to the manufacturer, Pellevé, unlike similar treatments that preceded it, is virtually pain free and requires no downtime.

Small LipsThe Procedure

About the procedure

I had my treatment with Harley Street Skin Clinic. My practitioner was the charming and knowledgeable Bianca-Estelle Simpson, who started by clarifying what I should expect during the treatment, and carefully setting my expectations for the results.

Bianca Estelle-Simpson

Bianca is herself a great advert for her skills – look at that ultra-smooth, flawless skin!

Shockingly, after the age of 25, we lose around 1% of the skin’s natural collagen with every year that passes. So Pellevé, she points out, can help to right this, by boosting our naturally flagging collagen levels, thereby plumping and smoothing out the skin again. She explains that the process is relatively quick (45 minutes), lending itself to the category “lunchtime procedure”, especially given there is no downtime and your makeup can be reapplied immediately afterwards. Bonus. One of the key benefits she is keen to point out is that, unlike other non-surgical treatments, Pellevé can be used to treat the entire eye area, as well as the neck and décolletage. This is music to my ears, especially given these are areas that have been traditionally difficult to treat and yet, as Sod’s Law would have it, they are the most susceptible to cragginess as we age! Bianca goes on to say that, unlike the radio frequency treatments that preceded it, Pellevé is virtually pain free. If you are like me, you are probably wondering, “where’s the catch – whatever happened to no pain, no gain..?!”. Some patients may experience redness afterwards, she warns, but this is rare and will go down within hours.

During the procedure

The procedure begins with Bianca placing an earthing pad on my back. Before you imagine anything sinister, this is just to allow a very mild current to pass through the body, and it causes no pain or ill-effect.

Treatment preparation

Bianca places an earthing pad on my back before beginning

She then spreads a cooling conductive gel over the areas to be treated, and begins moving a small golden wand in a circular motion over my skin. She treats small areas at a time, passing the wand over the same spot several times before moving on.

Applying conductive gel

A conductive gel is applied to the area of skin to be treated

Treatment begins

A wand is applied to the skin in small circular motions

Treating the forehead

Bianca begins by treating the skin on my forehead

With each pass, the skin gets noticeably warmer, and Bianca tells me to let her know if it gets too much, and she will stop. She tells me that the optimum temperature she is aiming to heat the skin to is 41 degrees Celsius. She regularly points a thermometer gun at my skin to check she is on target, and keeps me updated with temperatures. Bianca explains that heat can build up faster in areas where there is less tissue in front of bone, such as the eye orbital, due to reflection of the waves back into the skin off the bone. Despite her warning, it only once feels very slightly uncomfortable in the area around my eyes, and I certainly never feel I have to ask her to stop.

Applying gel to the eye area

Further gel being applied before Bianca treats the eye area

Treating around the eye orbital

Treating around the eye orbital

Treating around the mouth

The treatment progresses to the area around the mouth

Forty five minutes later, and the treatment is completed. In the main, I would say it is a relaxing treatment, made enjoyable by Bianca’s conversation. She tells me that I can reapply my makeup, and that the clinic do recommend using a more natural mineral-based range in case of any skin sensitivity. She advises me to wash my skin with only water that evening, and to use non-acidic, non-abrasive skincare for the next 24 hours.

Small LipsResults

I look in the mirror, to see that my skin does indeed look instantly rejuvenated: glowing and plumped! But perhaps my biggest surprise and joy is that my cheekbones appear instantly sharper, and both the skin at the corners of my mouth and my eyebrows are markedly lifted. This is totally beyond my expectations, and being an instant-gratification-girl, I am super happy. There is a small red spot between my eyebrows, but as Bianca predicted, this does indeed go down within hours. I have read a number of reviews of Pellevé, written by independent consumers, all with anecdotal evidence that it does indeed improve the texture, plumpness and lift of the skin. However, I wanted to measure these results in a more scientific way. If I am to recommend it, I think the results need quantifying, as the treatment is by no means cheap! So if you would like to see a more scientific analysis of the results of my Pellevé treatment, please come back to read my series of articles over the coming weeks.

VISIA analysis

Start of the VISIA analysis that measures the improvements

VISIA detailed analysis

Check back in later to read about the scientifically-measured results from my treatment course!

Small LipsCost & Treatment Protocol

Each Pellevé treatment lasts for about 45 minutes and costs £499 per session. 4-6 treatments are recommended in total, 2-4 weeks apart.  Discounts apply if you book multiple sessions. If I have you hooked and you want to see the results, measured under controlled conditions using VISIA analysis, then come back later to read up on my progress. Be sure to click the ‘FOLLOW’ link below, and you will be the first in the know!

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