Gucci Opulent Volume Mascara: First Look

First look

I must confess, I have rather been running amok with my spending on the new Gucci cosmetics line. Having been into their flagship store on London’s Sloane Street to view the range in person, the line has left quite an impression on me – and an even larger impression on my wallet! Not to mention the poor UPS driver, who has tirelessly been dropping parcels from Gucci Italy on an almost daily basis recently!

So where to start? Where to start indeed….

Gucci: The Haul Part I!!

Gucci: The Haul Part I!

SmallLipsThe product

I remember reading that, of the entire range, the Opulent Volume Mascara was a particular favourite of Frida Giannini’s. Signora Giannini, as you may know, is Gucci’s creative director and co-creator of the entire cosmetics line, along with legendary makeup artist, Pat McGrath. So, decision made: we’ll start here.

SmallLipsThe packaging

Gucci Opulent Volume Mascara

Gucci Opulent Volume Mascara: said to be one of the most innovative pieces in the new Gucci line

The first thing to notice is that Gucci Opulent Volume Mascara comes in a square, rather than cylindrical, tube.  I rather like that. I find this enables the sides to fit nicely in between two fingers and your thumb, allowing more dexterity for turning the wand (see application technique in my review post – coming soon).

As you would expect for Gucci, the packaging is heavy on the logos, with a gold double-G stamped into the top of lid.  More prominently, however, is the House’s original crisscross ‘microguccissima’ logo, which is engraved down the sides.  Whilst I am not a fan of heavy logo use, I think it serves a good purpose here, as it helps to keep finger-printing minimal, and also helps ergonomically with grip.

SmallLipsThe brush head

This is an interesting one, and rather innovative.  In fact, I am struggling to think of a new brand that launched their first mascara with anything other than a variation of the more traditional bristle-hair brush head.

Here, the two types of spine, the 'fin' and the 'paddle', can clearly be seen on the brush head.

Here, the two types of spine, the ‘bristle’ and the ‘paddle’, can clearly be seen on the brush head.

It actually reminds me of those peculiar hairy caterpillars:


Their trademarked mascara wand is comprised of silicone and has a ‘bristle’ and ‘paddle’ design that works around the 360 degree axis.  Interestingly, the last quarter section at the tip of the wand is free from paddles, and is bristles only – more on this in my review post (coming soon).

A total of 45 paddles nestle between the bristles to scoop up and deposit a good amount of mascara to create volume on the lashes.

45 paddles work to increase the surface area of mascara that can be efficiently loaded on to the lashes to create the volume.

The paddles work to increase the amount of mascara that can be distributed by the wand

180 tiny bristles then distribute this formula evenly for a long, separated, fluttering effect.

Bristles or fins then work to separate and lengthen the lashes after the paddles have deposited the formula.

Bristles run the entire length of the wand

Here we see a time sequence of events, as the wand moves through the lashes.  Firstly, the paddles deposit the formula on to the lashes to build volume…

Gucci Mascara Fin Action

Then the bristles work to comb out the formula that the paddles have deposited, in order to separate and lengthen the lashes.

Bristles separate and lengthen as the wand rotates through the lashes

If we take a look at the brush head end on, we can see the three lines of paddles that run down the brush head until the last quarter at the tip.  These paddles are interspersed with three rows of longer bristles.

Looking down the brush head, you can clearly see the layout of paddles and bristles

SmallLipsThe formula

Given how proud the Gucci House is of its Italian heritage, which leads it to manufacture most of its goods in Italy, you might expect their cosmetics line to follow suit. Interestingly, this is not so, and the mascara is actually manufactured in Japan, a country known within the beauty industry for being particularly innovative with liquid formulation.  This fact alone makes me excited to try the formula.

Gucci states that this is a lightweight, yet buildable and sculpting formula, that is flake-, smudge- and smear-resistant. Apparently, the formula dries quickly upon application, helping to form a surface to aid separation and volume-building. It contains volumising spheres for added intensity. It has been ophthalmologically tested, and is suitable for sensitive eyes and for contact lens wearers.

We shall see. Check back later for my review…

UPDATE: You can now read my full review of the Gucci Opulent Volume Mascara!

(You can buy the Gucci Opulent Volume Mascara directly from Gucci here)

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